Corporate Policy

Code of ethics and Workplace

We at Apana Wealth follow a strict code of ethics in terms of business and lawful conduct. The code of ethics document is circulated to all employees on joining and they must follow these at all times. All employees are aware that any violation of this code of ethics will lead to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the company. We give equal opportunities to everyone. We appreciate employees work and reward them time to time.

Environmental policy

Apana Wealth understands the importance of preserving the environment and hence we have set several process to make us as eco-friendly as possible.

Apana Wealth also makes sure that the employees are provided with a safe and hazard free environment to work. We also ensure that all safety checks and equipments are functioning and ready to use if an emergency arises. Rain Harvesting systems are also deployed in our campus to make sure that we do our part in maintaining ground water source.

Quality management

Apana Wealth ensures all quality checks are completed prior to sending out information to customers to make sure the best possible recommendations are given to customers. We also have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to ensure our goals match the goals of our customers. This is the aim of the company to strive for perfection through continuous improvement of processes.

Social Responsibility

We are constantly working on contributing as much as possible towards the GDP of our country; with aggressive expansion we believe we can even contribute more towards the same cause. we are creating Employment opportunities on a scale that we can best support, which in turn would help us bring down unemployment rates in our country.

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